Pedicures 101

At Cloud 9 Beautique we offer a luxurious pedicure service.  Clients often ask us “What is the difference?” between a pedicure at Cloud 9 and elsewhere?

The difference is pampering.  A Cloud 9 pedicure is a service that cleanses, exfoliates, and polishes toes for well-groomed “pretty feet.” It’s the perfect maintenance service; we also perform a short massage and hot towel wrap.

But there is more…Our pedicure is not only pampering, it’s therapeutic and healing.

Our feet are often the most neglected part of the body shouldering the burden of supporting us day in and day out!! A Cloud 9 pedicure incorporates technical work on toenails, working on ingrown nails, proper shaping and filing, and alleviating problems caused by high heels, pointed toes or work boots for those men who are brave enough to come for a visit. Significant time is spent on softening dry, cracked skin, and a more comprehensive massage including basic reflexology.

The Cloud 9 pedicure can also incorporates a paraffin treatment, and extra leg and foot salt and sugar scrubs for a small fee (just ask your Nail Expert or when you book). The Cloud 9 pedicure leaves feet beautiful and well-groomed, but can also help with such ailments as arthritisdiabetes, and aging.

Here is a short list of things that make your pedicure experience at Cloud 9 Beautique more enjoyable, sanitary and good for your overall health:

  • We only use stainless steal pedicure bowls which are thoroughly disinfected for your safety between each service; unlike many salons who continue to perform their services in built-in-sink pedicure chairs which are difficult to disinfect, our bowls allows for 100% guaranteed sanitation.
  • Our tools are also properly sanitized between each service and files and buffers are given to the client to take home for their personal use.  If you bring your files and buffers back for your next appointment we also provide a 10% discount!!
  •  We use quality pedicure products; we don’t refill our brand name bottles and jars with no-named, low-quality products to save a few dollars.  We believe in ensuring our clients are pampered with only the best quality products and we are proud of the products we use.  Starting in June 2015 we also make our own in-house foot and leg sugar scrub, free of any chemicals!!!
  • Our plush leather reclining chairs provide for a heavenly experience regardless of the type of pedicure you chose!
  • Our staff are ALWAYS happy to further enhance your service by offering any of our enhancement services such as a head, neck and shoulder massage or a hot stone massage for example.  For more information about our Heavenly Enhancements memberships which will help save you money each visit click here for details memberships

Taking care of your feet is essential to your health and well-being.  Check back soon for our next post on the importance of pedicures for people who suffer with diabetes!!

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