What Makes us Different?

When they first hear our name "Cloud 9 Beautique" people often assume we are just another beauty shop offering up your typical manicure or pedicure the typical rushed and chaotic way.  What they come to understand, after stepping foot through the doors of or 2,000 sq ft location at 102-11882-226th Street in Maple Ridge, is that we are any thing BUT typical!

At Cloud 9 Beautique, our staff and owners pride themselves on serving up excellence and attention EVERY SINGLE TIME.  We often speak about what it is we "sell" at Cloud 9 and we are often reminded that we don't really sell manicures and pedicures and skin treatments.  What we sell, and the reason our clients keep coming back is that we thrive on consistency, kindness and ATTENTION.  

Whether you are coming for a pedicure, a manicure, lash extensions or brow waxing, our staff are trained and hand-picked to work with us, because they understand at the deepest level, how important it is to not only deliver excellence in their craft, but also that a kind and caring attitude that says "I'm so happy you are here, how can I serve you" is key to our success.  We approach our service delivery with a sense of consistency.  Our staff are all trained in the Cloud 9 process of each service they deliver.  Our pedicures aren't rushed, you won't be treated by more than one Esthetician during your service, and you will never be short-changed on time for the pampering that you deserve.

The experience at Cloud9Beautique is always a pleasant one. The people who work there are friendly and highly capable and the clients that go there are friendly and inclusive.
— Carrie H - a happy client


We pride ourselves on being the go-to place in Maple Ridge for women who are looking to implement self-care in to their routine.  We understand that for many of the women who visit us, the 60 minutes they have carved out to be at Cloud 9 may be the only 60 minutes they will get to themselves that week, and for that reason we strive to make every minute count.  Our staff enjoy the friendly banter and conversation between the clients and are also well trained and understand when their client would rather enjoy a quiet, non-verbal visit.  We don't litter our space with gossip magazines and we don't have music or televisions blaring with songs or shows which are in poor taste.  

We want each and every one of our guest to feel, quite literally, like they are on Cloud 9 from the moment they walk through the door!

If you have not had a chance to visit our Beautique yet, we encourage you to click the link on our website to register for our newsletter and save 10% off your first visit.  We take pride in being able to offer reasonably priced services which make it more affordable for our guests to visit on a regular basis.  

You can get ahold of us at 604-467-6245 or by sending an iMessage to our iPad at cloud9reception@icloud.com or by text messaging us from any android phone to 604-362-9149.  You can also email us at info@cloud9beautique.com