Hands & Aging

Here at Cloud 9 we are all about the hands...after all, our business was first built on offering great Manicures (and pedicures).  One overlooked aspect of a youthful appearance is ones hands!  Infact, just the other day, Stephanie, our Salon Manager spent an hour doing a beautiful set of UV Gel nails on me and then proceeded to take a picture of her work to post on social media.  The nails looked GREAT!  My hands...well, let me say they didn't do the nails any justice!  I realized immediately that while I was doing everything to take care of my facial skin, I had put little thought to my hands.

This is not unusual.  We have many clients who visit Dr. Gouws to speak about their aging skin concerns and often times their thoughts stop just below the chin.  But really, the discussion of anti-aging skin care and skin treatments extends well below the smile!!  In fact, there are treatments and skin products for almost every part of your body to help it looking and feeling youthful.

Today we are going to focus on your hands!

You can watch the video above to see just how effective Radiesse is in the treatment of creating more youthful looking hands.  There is no downtime for the treatment and it can easily be done on your lunch hour!  The effects are immediate.  And what's even better, we know you are going to love the look of your new youthful hands so much that you will want to get your manicure done on a consistent basis.  For that reason we will offer each client who opts for a Radiesse hand rejuvenation a FREE #ManiMonday membership, which gives you savings of 40% on all manicures at Cloud 9 each Monday (valid for 1 year and not to be combined with any other special).

Schedule your visit with Dr. Gouws to discuss your hand rejuvenation treatment.  Consults are always free 604-467-6245