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A Few Tips to Help you Maintain a Healthy Treatment

At Cloud 9 Beautique, your health and wellness is our NUMBER ONE priority.  Don’t get us wrong, we know that experienced technicians (which ours are) and the best products are important, but it’s just NOT OK if you walk out with great nails but compromised health.  Your health & wellness should be at the top of your list when making a determination on where you’ll go to get pretty digits.

Just for you, we have compiled a list of 4 things you should be thinking about and asking questions about before and during your next visit to the salon:

Shaving Calluses Promotes Callus Growth!  Really!!!

Many women are looking for callus-free, soft like a baby’s bum, footsies after their pedicure.  While this certainly sounds dreamy, it can often come with unexpected nightmares!  Your body has a natural trigger to grow new tissue when old tissue is damaged.  What that means is, when a callus is “cut or shaved” off, your body will react by growing more tissue; what this results in is thicker and stronger calluses!!  Not exactly what you were trying to achieve!  Add to that, that the tools often used to remove calluses are actually credo blades, you can probably well image the potential hazardous health risk if a tool like this was not properly sterilized or discarded after each use.

Solution: Calluses protect your feet from daily wear and tear caused by friction based on how you use your feet.  The best way to treat your calluses is by using a pumice stone to smooth then (not remove them entirely) and apply a topical moisturizer each night before bed; we really love 100% organic coconut oil for this (you can pick some up in your grocery store).  Make sure you wear some socks to bed after you apply your desired moisturizer so as not to wreck or stain your bed sheets.

Don’t Shave Your Legs Before Your Pedicure

Mycobacterium fortuitum WOW that sounds and looks like a really scary word!  Well, as it turns out, it really is.  When you shave your legs, you actually remove the top layer of skin and in some cases you can inflict superficial nicks and wounds (you may not even realize you have them).  Mycobacterium fortuitum is a bacterial infection that is caught via open wounds.  In 2000 there were 113 cases of this bacterial infection reported in California; this was so shocking that it actually made the news.  Upon detailed investigation of each case, what they discovered is that these women had all visited a nail salon and pampered themselves with a pedicure which was carried out in a salon chair with a built in pedi-bowl.

While in British Columbia there are no specific regulations and there are certainly no pedicure-police running around making sure that proper protocol is being carried out, salons SHOULD be properly sanitizing these pedi-bowls with hospital-grade solution after each client.  Strictly speaking, in order to properly sanitize a build-in pedi bowl with plumbing (or any pedi bowl for that matter) it requires a minimum of 20 minutes between clients.  Our experience while performing market research is that 99% of the salons in the lower mainland of BC we visited simply rinse the bowl between clients as there is often a steady stream of ladies waiting patiently for their chance to take a seat, read a magazine and start the transformation of their tired feet.

Solution: At Cloud 9 Beautique we spent countless hours creating a plan to ensure that we never ran in to this problem.  Our pedicures are carried out in our very comfortable lounge chairs and we only use stainless steel pedicure bowls that can be properly cleaned in our industrial sized sink.  Each bowl is then properly sanitized.  The process takes about 25 minutes and ensures that each bowl is sanitized with hospital-grade cleaner between each treatment to guarantee that your bowl is healthy and safe.

Reducing, Reusing & Recycling is Not Always Best at the Nail Salon

After each service, the tools that are used by our staff are put through our sanitation protocol which includes hand washing with soap and water, soaking for 20 minutes in our hospital-grade cleaner, another wash and rinse under water, followed up by properly drying each tool then placing them in our sanitation cabinet where there are kept safe from air-born germs until they are placed in the sanitation bag and sealed for use on a client.  Many of you get excited that you can take your personal tools home with you for future use.  That’s great that we can help you reduce, reuse and recycle, however what many people overlook is that these tools are often placed directly back in the sanitation pack after being used and they are not disinfected and sanitized.  Yikes!!! You’ve just created a breeding ground for bacteria to grow until your next appointment.

Solution: If you plan on taking your tools home and using them again, ask the salon to sanitize them for you before you leave, or at minimum, ask for a clean sanitation pack so that once you get home you can properly sanitize your tools and then store them in the new sanitation pack.  Don’t ask your therapist to store them at the salon for future use unless you are absolutely positive that the tools are being properly sanitized and returned to a new and clean sanitary pack.

Everything is clean, you can see that the staff sanitizes everything or use new tools. Everyone is always super friendly!
— Brenda V. | 7/20/2017

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask  How Tools are Cleaned and Sanitized

This is super important!!!  Never, ever be afraid to ask your technician what was done to ensure that the tools she is using were properly cleaned and sanitized after the last client.  A new file and buffer should be used EVERY TIME.  If you are not certain that is being done, ASK!  If you are still not comfortable, GET UP AND LEAVE.  Your health and wellness far outweighs going another day without a mani or pedi, or risking that you make the technician feel bad.

Solution: At Cloud 9 Beautique we clean and sanitize all our tools in the salon where our clients can watch what we do.  We are happy to walk you through our process and openly discuss our protocol with you!!!

Our next article will be all about the link between Hepatitis and your visit to the Nail Salon, you won’t want to miss this one!!!

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