Putting the "Man" in Manicure!!!!

It’s no big secret that most men love a little pampering but very few will admit it!!! After all, how many men do you hear sitting around watching football, drinking bear and taking about how great their latest manicure was?!?! Seems like a rather silly thing when you think about it. But whether or not they plan on sharing the details about their latest trip to the Nail Bar with their favourite lady, they should still make an effort to get some much needed pampering from time to time!!!

When I was a kid, I remember my dad taking what seemed like FOREVER every night cleaning his hands and nails. He worked as a mechanic but you would have never guessed it by looking at his hands. He believed in taking care of not just his hands, but his hair, his toes and his skin. It was something akin to being seen as respectful. There is nothing worse than seeing a man with poorly kept hands, dirt under his finger nails and jagged nails. Who wants to hold those hands? Certainly not us!!!

Which brings us to the topic of the feet. It’s funny how many women visit Cloud Nine on a daily basis and have some tale to share about their husbands feet! Yes gentlemen we talk about your feet!!! And no, we’re not taking shoe size, we’re talking how hard and sand-paper like they feel when you rub them against our newly shaven legs at night. Or how many times you may have accidentally drawn blood when your jagged toe nail ripped open the skin on our shin!! Yes ladies these things don’t just happen to you!

So what to do? Well, next time you are planning your trip to the salon bring him along. Give him a chance to sit in one of our comfy relaxing recliner leather chairs. One of our regular guests brought her hubby the other day and he was so relaxed and comfortable that he sat around enjoying his cup of coffee a full 30 minutes after his treatment was over. He said the only thing that could have made it any better was the golf channel on TV…a little secret gentlemen, we have Apple TV…all you need do is ask:)

Once seated, we will soak his feet and clean them up a little. He will surely become intrigued to watch as your nail tech gives you a five-star hand and arm massage as part of your treatment; we don’t know many men who will turn down a nice strong massage and we guarantee he will also want a manicure next time!! We can finish his treatment off with a head, neck and shoulder massage that will be sure to have him begging you to visit the salon more often!!!

As us women know though, it’s not just what happens at the salon that helps with a successful and long lasting mani and pedi. You may have to help him out a bit at home by offering to apply some foot lotion each evening. Once he starts to see the changes in his feet and heels, he will be sure to take on this ritual himself. It’s also important that he do some upkeep on his hands and nails so don’t hesitate to purchase him a small masculine manicure set. Offer to do a mini-mani

once in a while as a way of spending a little more time with each other. Before you know it, hand and feet health and pampering will become a family affair:)

Good luck ladies! And Gentlemen…we are here waiting to see you with your lovely lady at her next visit!!!