Shellac Nails- Five Helpful Hints

Shellac Nails – A Few Helpful Tips

Shellac is the brand name for a new patent pending GEL nail polish product created by CND (Creative Nail Design).  A number of other popular nail polish brands also have gel nail polish options, including O.P.I and Luxio to name a few!   Gel polish is a hybrid between the gel that is used in the UV Gel nail extension process and traditional nail polish.  Generally the mix is 50/50.

The product is applied just like regular polish, but then it is cured using a UV lamp to give it great durability and flexibility.  If you’ve used this product or have seen nails with this product on them, you will notice too that the shine is always incredible.

Tip #1 – Who should use Gel polish

Gel polish is best for those looking for long-lasting natural nail results, with strong, healthy nails

Tip #2 – Who should NOT use Gel polish

If your nails are damaged, split or peeling, Gel polish is likely not going to give the results you are looking for.  It is best to first work with your nail technician to create a “nail health” program to ensure your nails are healthy before applying Gel polish.  The consequences if you apply Gel polish to unhealthy nails…chipping, peeling and a repeat visit to the salon bemoaning the “poor results” of your service.

Tip #3 – Gel polish will not create longer nails

If you are looking to add instant length to your nails, then gel polish is not what you are looking for.  In this case, you should ask your manicurist to do a UV Gel extension.  Gel polish can then be applied over top.  If you have some time to let your nails grow naturally, then gel polish is a way to keep them strong and chip free as you grow your nails.

Tip #4 – Never let someone with a drill close to your Gel!       

This is probably one of THE MOST important things to remember when you have any type of Gel polish on your nails.  A drill is not required to remove the gel or for any other reason in caring for, applying or removing your polish.

Tip #5 – Removing your gel polish properly    

To properly remove…as noted in tip #4 above, DO NOT remove your Gel polish with a drill and DO NOT use a nail file to completely remove the polish either, this will damage your nail bed (some filing is required in the process but should not be the only process used to remove the gel).  The correct process for removing the Gel polish is to soak the nail bed with acetone for 10-20 minutes.  It is best to soak a cotton ball in acetone then apply the cotton ball directly on your nail bed and cover with tin foil.  If your nail technician asks you to soak your entire finger in acetone, you should get up and leave the salon immediately!!  The acetone should be minimized to the nail bed only, not the entire finger-tip.

The use of Gel polish is increasingly popular by many nail care enthusiasts looking for a more natural appearance for their nails and wishing to have longer lasting results with less frequent visits to the salon.

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