DermaRolling - Great Skin NOW!

So many of our clients seeking out skin care and facial rejuvenation are surprised to hear, that aside from the well-known treatments that involve injections (i.e. Botox and fillers), there is a lesser-known alternative that can help them achieve amazing transnational results.

DermaRolling is a lesser know, scientifically proven treatment that can be done both in-office and at-home.  Dermatologists and Medical Esthetics doctors have been using dermaRolling and getting their clients on board with at-home treatments for years.  

Below we have included some great information from the supplier of one of our dermaRollers, MTS.  

The big deal with dermarolling is that you can trick the body to trigger collagen and elastin much sooner than the natural rate of turnover.

Dermaroller Results

Quick Facts:

The skin consists of two main layers. The epidermis and the dermis.

The epidermal cells turn over quick. The epidermal cells are constantly being produced at the bottom of epidermis, and then they travel up and are eventually sloughed off from the skin’s surface. It takes about twenty days for the cells to get from the bottom of the epidermis to the skin surface where they are sloughed off. This continuous process slows down as we age but it is still extremely rapid, compared to the turnover of the dermis.

The cells in the dermis have an extremely slow turnover. The half-life of dermal collagen is about fifteen years!

People are born with millions of collagen cells in the dermis.

  • When you are 15 years old, 50% of the original collagen cells remain (the rest were replaced).

  • When you are 30 years old, 25% of the original collagen is still in your skin.

  • When you are 45 years old, 12.5% of the original collagen is still in your skin.

  • When you are 60 years old, 6.25% of the original collagen is still in your skin.

And again, the newly formed collagen has a half-life turnover of about 15 years.

When you are for example 60 years old, some of the original collagen you had as a newborn is still in your skin. This collagen has been subjected to sun damage and other damage for 60 years. It is no wonder we get wrinkles and sun-damaged skin! Elastin has an even longer half-life turnover. It is about 70 years. Sigh.

When collagen gets damaged, the body immediately repairs it but unfortunately, as we age, the repairs turn out rather provisory and to make matters worse – we’re faced with diminishing collagen levels. 

This extremely slow turnover of the cells in the dermis is the reason why a tattoo in the deep dermis (>1 mm) lasts a lifetime. A Tattoo will slightly lighten over the years but its pigment weathers the decades. “Permanent” makeup is not inserted that deep so it doesn’t last as longas a tattoo.

The big deal with dermarolling is that you can trick the body to trigger collagen and elastin much sooner than the natural rate of turnover.

Dermarolling with needles that reach the dermis causes tiny microinjuries in it and the body sees it as a high priority to fix them. These microinjuries will trigger new collagen. But sadly, the skin will never be as perfect as when you were young.

Ablative methods, such as acid peels or ablative lasers can’t be used to reach the dermis due to the risk of scarring and hypopigmentation. But a dermaroller very easily can go that deep, because it does not ablate the skin, it only pricks it. Since the pricks are surrounded by untreated skin, the regeneration happens very quickly. It takes long to achieve results because every time you roll, you only prick small fractions of the skin. Be patient and repeat the microneedling procedure on yourself as often and as long as it takes.

Dermarolling will speed up the turnover of dermal cells and this can slow down (but not stop) the signs of skin aging. Maybe not all signs but at least some.

The advantage of wrinkles being filled in by the collagen production triggered with dermarolling or needling is that the results are really long-lasting compared to injected fillers.


The advantage of wrinkles being filled in by the collagen production triggered with dermarolling or needling is that the results are really long-lasting compared to injected fillers. Restylan, Perlane or other fillers based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid are very expensive and they are relatively quickly metabolized by the body, so they have to be re-injected every few months. The results of dermarolling, a cheap method, will last for years, although they are not “permanent” because a dermaroller can’t stop aging and the wrinkles will eventually start to re-form. Dermarolling maintenance is necessary.

You should know that a dermaroller and other microneedling instruments such as dermastamp or the single needle can only affect the skin itself and not the underlying structures (fat, muscles etc). For this reason, they cannot for example improve “hollowness” under the eyes caused by fat recession (as we age, the subcutaneous fat recedes), neither it can significantly improve the nasolabial fold because it is not a wrinkle but a fold caused by a drop of the facial structures. Long-term dermarolling thickens the skin, fills up wrinkles, lines and scars but it has a limited effect on the nasolabial fold.

Dermarolling cannot fully remove stretch marks

Don’t believe claims that it can. Neither can any laser-based device. Stretch marks are deep scars in the dermis and there is currently no method that can remove them. Dermarolling or needling can very significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks but it cannot make them disappear. 

Here is an example of dermaRolling performed on the tummy area of a woman who had untreated stretch marks.  DermaRolling can be done anywhere on the body where collagen stimulation is required to improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin.

Here is an example of dermaRolling performed on the tummy area of a woman who had untreated stretch marks.  DermaRolling can be done anywhere on the body where collagen stimulation is required to improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin.

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What you can expect after many months of dermarolling and needling of stretch marks:

  • improved texture

  • improved color – the color blends much more with the surrounding skin

  • slightly less indentation and/or width

  • tiny areas of normal skin appear in the stretch mark (islets of normal skin)

Especially when dermarolling is combined with single needling, you can expect a combination of at least a few of the above.


Dermarolling and hyperpigmentation, melasma

Usually, hyperpigmentation is the result of locally uneven/excessive melanin production. Melanin is the pigment that determines the color of our skin. When our skin is exposed to the sun, it produces more melanin as a natural protection – melanin absorbs UV. Unfortunately, melanin is not always produced totally evenly, especially in individuals with darker skin. 

Uneven/excessive melanin production can also be the result of skin trauma – sun burns, acne, cuts, bug bites etc. If the hyperpigmentation resides in the epidermis, it responds very well to dermarolling. If it is in the dermis (deeper part of the skin), it also responds but it takes much longer. Hyperpigmentation in the dermis is too deep for acid peels but not too deep for a dermaroller. You have to avoid excessive sun exposure and always use a sunscreen. Ignoring this advice may lead to a reappearance ofthe pigmentation. 

Using a dermaroller to facilitate the skin penetration of skin whitening creams can be a very successful treatment for persistent or deep hyperpigmentation or melasma but you have to be careful with hydroquinone (a common skin whitening agent). The long-term usage of a high percentage of hydroquinone in combination with sun exposure can cause dark pigmentation. Do not apply high concentrations for a very long time.

I hesitate to recommend a dermaroller for melasma. Dermarolling triggers inflammation and inflammation or any kind of skin irritation can in principle worsen melasma. For the same reason, a dermaroller should not be used on Rosacea. Always do a test patch first if you use a dermaroller for melasma.

Dermarolling works against hypopigmentation?

Treating hypopigmentation with dermaroller and needling showed very good results. Hypopigmented skin has malfunctioning or absent melanocytes (melanin producing cells). Skin needling triggers melanocytes production and enables migration of melanocytes from the surrounding skin into the hypopigmented area.

Dermarolling acne scars – patience rewarded

If you got what it takes – the patience and perseverance for long-term dermarolling, dermastamping and single needling – you are destined for success. Major improvement of acne scars was the most common feedback we have received. Some of our customers combined dermarolling with other methods such as saline injections or the suction method. Both methods are explained on our forum.

Dermarolling to reduce pore size?

Not many customers were successful in reducing the pore size. Pores are not scars, pores are ducts in the skin and there is currently no method that can reliably and permanently reduce them. Dermarolling however often helped normalize acne prone skin and post-acne pigmentations.

Dermarolling sun-damaged skin works well?

You can expect excellent results in renewing the sun-damaged skin of the face, décolleté and to a lesser extent of the forearms and the back of the hands.  Application of Tretinoin (Retinoic acid or A-Ret) further boosts improvement.

Needling sagged skin?

Dermarolling can improve mild skin laxity and crêpey skin on the face, neck and body or a wrinkly post-pregnancy abdomen, provided there is not too much excessive skin. The bulging, sagging abdomen after pregnancy is often due to the abdominal muscles not having gone fully back to their original position – this can only be fixed by a tummy tuck.

You can greatly improve a tummy tuck scar or a C-section scar by needling. The scar will soften and becomes less visible. Dermarolling cannot get rid of excessive skin after major weight loss. Skin folds can only be fixed by plastic surgery.

In the process of aging, the face and the neck start to “hang” due to:

- loosening of ligaments that attach the skin to the bones
- gravity
- loss of fat and descending of fat
- loss of elasticity.

Dermarolling can improve mild skin laxity but it cannot fix severely “hanging” skin.

The situation is even more complex on the neck. There is a muscle running from the collarbones to the jaw (Platysma muscle). This thin muscle holds the subcutaneous fat and everything else tightly in. When fat deposits accumulate in the platysma muscle area, we end up with a double chin. As we age, the platysma muscle slightly falls which causes jowls and a hanging neck. In addition, the muscle often starts separating in the midline of the neck, which allows fat protrusion that further contributes to a sagging neck.


Rosacea and the Environ Solution

If you suffer from Rosacea, this cold weather may be exasperating your rosacea symptoms causing dry skin, flare ups and acne-like break-outs. Here is some great advice from the "inventor" of our favourite skincare line, Environ.  


This article was written by Dr Des Fernandes who is the founder of the Environ skin care.

Rosacea – the Environ solution by Dr Des Fernandes

Rosacea is a chronic skin problem that is not well understood’ and characteristically affects people with pale skins, blue eyes and generally starts in middle age. People with darker skins also get rosacea, but the signs are less florid. It is always associated with redness of the skin, often with small papules (or lumps) which may becomes pustules. It may resemble acne but if you look closely at the skin, you will not see any blackheads. The skin feels uncomfortable and usually the central areas of the face are involved. While this is a chronic disease, in some cases there are periods of remission, and at other times, it is worse. The cheeks are generally cherry red, especially close to the nose – due to telangiectasia (dilated, ‘broken’ blood vessels). Very often, dilated blood vessels are prominent markers, but in general, the pinkness of the skin is due to actinic damage to the underlying microscopic blood vessels. The nose is almost always involved and after many years, may become thickened and misshapen. A potato-nose (called rhinophyma) is always due to this condition.

The cause of rosacea

No one knows the exact cause of rosacea at this stage.

We know that it is aggravated by exposure to the sun, heat, warm drinks and alcohol. Some people have postulated that it is due to an infestation of tiny mites (Demodex folliculorum) in the skin that burrow into the skin’s hair follicles and cause the reaction. The fact that topical metronidazole (a type of antibiotic) has been used with considerable success, makes one believe that this may be an important part of the problem.

I believe that we have to consider it from another angle as well:’ all the signs are also typical of photo-damage (sun-damage) to the skin. The central part of the face gets more sun than the sides, and pale-skinned people get more sun damage than darker skinned people. I postulate that an infestation super-imposed on photo-damage is the underlying cause of the problem.

1. Photo-damage would have accumulated into quite a severe state in pale-skinned individuals by middle age – even in colder areas where UV-A damage still occurs.

2. Telangiectasia is also caused by actinic damage. Telangiectasia is mostly likely due to the destruction of the collagen support around the blood vessels and this of course would be the result of chronic photo-degradation of both vitamin A and C.

3. Experience shows that long-term use of a skin-care range containing vitamin A and C with antioxidants, leads to improvement in the rosacea.


The usual treatment for Rosacea

1. Usually patients with rosacea are given topical metronidazole, topical or even oral antibiotics.

2. Tetracyclines are often given but one should be aware that tetracycline aggravates photo-damage.

3. People with severe rosacea are often given retinoic acid and this initially aggravates the condition by making the acne eruption worse and increasing the redness of the skin. However, after prolonged use the skin does improve. Generally the patients stop using the retinoic acid before they can get the improvement. Here one has to bear in mind that retinoic acid is just another version of vitamin A, so we should not depend on retinoic acid for the end result.

‘My preferred way to treat Rosacea.’

If the patient is on metronidazole cream then I ask them to continue using it until the skin has imporved. If they complain that their skin is sensitive to the metronidazole, then I stop it and rely only on the home care, and peeling when necessary.

1. I first explain to the person suffering from Rosacea that we have to address the chronic deficiency of vitamin A in the skin that has been a major contributor to the problem. I explain that it is easier to treat the skin with a retinyl palmitate product (vitamin A), but that the chance eists that the redness may be aggravated and the skin may feel a bit more sensitive for several weeks before it starts to improve. I start them on the lowest dose of retinyl palmitate (Environ Skin Care: AVST 1) and suggest that they should continue to use it for more than one tube if their skin feels sensitive. Gradually increase the levels of vitamin A.


2. Rosacea is an ideal problem to treat with an alpha hydroxy acid cream at the same time as the Vitamin A. I generall ask the patient to use the vitamin A preparation first, and then a mild Alpha hydroxyl acid cream with a pH of about 3.5 to 4.5. Many people will find that if they use an AHA toner, that the skin stings quite considerably. If this is tolerable then they should persist in using it. I suggest using an AHA cream once a day (Environ Skin Care: Alpha Cream Mild or Alpha Gel). As the skin improves, the frequency can be reduced to about three times a week. After a while the AHA may even be stopped.

This will generally be sufficient treatment for mild cases of rosacea, but it may take several months before the skin is comfortable.

In more severe or resistant cases I believe we have to use peeling.

3. The peel I prefer is TCA as a cream either 2.5 or 5% (Environ ACM #1 and #2). Most of the time I use 5% TCA cream and paint it onto the skin and watch carefully to make sure that only mild frosting occurs on the acne spots. This takes about 5 – 10 minutes to develop.

I also use TCA as a gel (Environ’s TCA Pamgel) but here I only use 2.5%. The advantage of this is that one can easily see what is happening and we can recognize frosting at an earlier stage.

The surrounding red areas should not be frosted otherwise the patient will complain of excessive redness of the skin for several days after the peel. I have found that this mild degree of peeling usually arrests the acne eruption quite quickly and I ask the patient to return within a week to see if we need to do another peel. Because the peel is so mild it can be repeated after a week.

Generally I have found that by the third peel even fairly severe cases of rosacea have made a dramatic improvement with less signs of inflammation, less acne eruption and more comfortable skin. I believe that if an infestation of the skin is part of the problem, then peeling destroys the mites and sterilizes the skin.

Although I have a rule that no one should be peeled without first preparing the skin with vitamin A, if I encounter a severe case of rosacea, I will immediately do a peel with TCA or an AHA product. One has to be very careful to make sure that one does not cause too much frosting because the skin is so reactive.

4. Later on, when the skin has improved, one can address the telangiectasia. Topical vitamin C will help to resotre the collagen support around the dilated blood vessels. The best form, at a neutral pH as found with ascorybl tetra-isopalmitate (in the Environ Skin Care C-Boost product) will go a long way to improving the telangiectasia so that only larger blood vessels have to be treated by a general practitioner, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

I have seen many people who have struggled with rosacea for a long time and have used antibiotics without success but have responded within a few months to the regime I have described above.’ I believe the skin care therapist has a major role to play in the treatment of acne rosacea. Even though this may be resistant to medical treatments, many cases can be rapidly improved with a simple home-care regime and very mild peelings.

If the client has already developed rhinophyma, then they should be referred to a plastic surgeon who can first start with heavy peeling of the nose skin and then maybe consider further surgical procedures. However, these people should still be prepared for the surgeon by light peels and home care regime.


Hands & Aging

Here at Cloud 9 we are all about the hands...after all, our business was first built on offering great Manicures (and pedicures).  One overlooked aspect of a youthful appearance is ones hands!  Infact, just the other day, Stephanie, our Salon Manager spent an hour doing a beautiful set of UV Gel nails on me and then proceeded to take a picture of her work to post on social media.  The nails looked GREAT!  My hands...well, let me say they didn't do the nails any justice!  I realized immediately that while I was doing everything to take care of my facial skin, I had put little thought to my hands.

This is not unusual.  We have many clients who visit Dr. Gouws to speak about their aging skin concerns and often times their thoughts stop just below the chin.  But really, the discussion of anti-aging skin care and skin treatments extends well below the smile!!  In fact, there are treatments and skin products for almost every part of your body to help it looking and feeling youthful.

Today we are going to focus on your hands!

You can watch the video above to see just how effective Radiesse is in the treatment of creating more youthful looking hands.  There is no downtime for the treatment and it can easily be done on your lunch hour!  The effects are immediate.  And what's even better, we know you are going to love the look of your new youthful hands so much that you will want to get your manicure done on a consistent basis.  For that reason we will offer each client who opts for a Radiesse hand rejuvenation a FREE #ManiMonday membership, which gives you savings of 40% on all manicures at Cloud 9 each Monday (valid for 1 year and not to be combined with any other special).

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Our Top Skin Treatments to Combat The Signs of Aging

Let's admit it, while growing old is inevitable, it's a process that we would all like to do a little more slowly...and gracefully!  With the advances in science over the past few decades, the products and treatments available to women and men, to help slow and in some cases reverse the signs of aging have grown substantially!

Below we have compiled a list of the top 5 treatments to combat aging skin!!

BOTOX (i.e. Neuromodulators)

Botox has become a bit of a household name, like Kleenex.  Botox is the brand name of what is knows as a Neuromodulator.  A variety of companies have products that have been approved for sale and use in the Canada and the United States.  Some of the common brand names are Xeomin, Dysport and of course, Botox.  At Cloud 9 Beautique, we use Xeomin, a brand developed and sold by Merz.  We love this product and the values of the company.  Merz only makes it products available for sale to licensed Physicians.

Neuromodulators work by arresting the muscles in the area that has been injected.  In most cases, the injection area is the face (between the eye brows, forehead and crows feet), however there are other areas of the face and neck that can be injected to relax the muscles and limit movement.  In many cases, a neuromodulator will have the best effect if done in conjunction with a proper skin care regime and in some cases medically-directed laser treatments.  Neuromodulators generally take 3-7 days for the effects to be seen and have no down-time or side effects.


Fillers used in Cloud 9 are injections of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) micrspheres.  HA and CaHA are naturally occurring substance in our body.  For most patients, fillers will last 9-12 months.  Generally, fillers are injected into various areas of the face that require more volume to retain their youthful appearance.  There are a number of injection techniques that can be used to achieve natural and lasting results.  

Fillers can also be used to "contour" the face.  For example, they can be used to give ones nose more definition or add contour to the chin area.  In addition, Radiesse in particular, can be injected to the hands to give them a more youthful appearance.

Fillers take effect immediately.  There can be some down time experienced if the patient bruises.  For this reason we do not recommend that you get fillers within a week of any important event or photo opp!  As with our neuromodulators, we chose to use Merz fillers in our practice.  They have a wide range of options available to Dr. Gouws in order that he can help you achieve the bet result possible.


Sublative skin resurfacing and Medical Needling help stimulate the production of collagen in the deep dermis.  The sublative treatment is used to treat textural irregularities, scaring (from acne or otherwise), sun spots and wrinkles.  For this reason, we ofter recommend that clients who are seeking out Neuromodulators and Fillers, that they supplement those treatments with sublative skin resurfacing or Medical Needling to enhance the results and promote collagen stimulation at deeper levels.  

The Sublative Laser treatment its self is moderately painful and there is a 3-4 day downtime.  After two days you can apply makeup to cover the treatment and resume your regular activity.  Most client begin to see a stark difference in their skin texture and appearance after just one treatment, but in most cases, we find that clients require 3-5 treatments for full results.  These are spaced about 30 days apart.  

Medical Needling is a little less painful and has less downtime.  Medical needling is not recommended for clients with Acneic skin conditions.

The sublative treatment can be used on areas of the skin other than the face.  For example, we recently started a series of treatments on a client who had stretch marks and scars from a pregnancy 11 years prior.  While the skin has not been completely renewed, after just 2 treatments there is about a 40% reduction in appearance of scars and stretch marks.


With an IPL treatment, you can reveal more youthful, fresh and clear complexion in just under and hour.  The IPL works on reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, improve skin texture and improve blemishes.  

Our clients love this treatment as there is no downtime as traditionally was experienced with some of the more invasive laser skin treatments and peels of yester-year.  During the treatment, our medical esthetcian uses the IPL to scan your skin.  As the treatment progresses, the formation of collagen begins and pigmentation is drawn to the top of the skin where it is then sloughed off.  Clients with red and/or blue blood vessels will find that they diminish.  

Your friends and family will recognize a more youthful, fresh appearance after just one treatment, however the effects of the IPL are cummulative over multiple treatments and the best results will happen gradually over time, when combined with proper skin care, sun protection and other treatments as determined appropriate by Dr. Gouws or your medical esthetician.


Our medical estheticians, together with Dr. Gouws will tell you that one of the most beneficial things you can do for the long-term is to have regular peels and skin treatments, performed in a medical spa by a properly trained medical esthetician.

Our medical estheticians assess each client on an individual basis and develop a treatment protocal that is suited to their skin concerns and skin type.  Together with the other treatments we discussed above, the skin treatment will help you slow the signs of aging, promote a healthy glow and keep your friends and family wondering what it is you're doing to look so great!

Shellac Nails- Five Helpful Hints

Shellac Nails – A Few Helpful Tips

Shellac is the brand name for a new patent pending GEL nail polish product created by CND (Creative Nail Design).  A number of other popular nail polish brands also have gel nail polish options, including O.P.I and Luxio to name a few!   Gel polish is a hybrid between the gel that is used in the UV Gel nail extension process and traditional nail polish.  Generally the mix is 50/50.

The product is applied just like regular polish, but then it is cured using a UV lamp to give it great durability and flexibility.  If you’ve used this product or have seen nails with this product on them, you will notice too that the shine is always incredible.

Tip #1 – Who should use Gel polish

Gel polish is best for those looking for long-lasting natural nail results, with strong, healthy nails

Tip #2 – Who should NOT use Gel polish

If your nails are damaged, split or peeling, Gel polish is likely not going to give the results you are looking for.  It is best to first work with your nail technician to create a “nail health” program to ensure your nails are healthy before applying Gel polish.  The consequences if you apply Gel polish to unhealthy nails…chipping, peeling and a repeat visit to the salon bemoaning the “poor results” of your service.

Tip #3 – Gel polish will not create longer nails

If you are looking to add instant length to your nails, then gel polish is not what you are looking for.  In this case, you should ask your manicurist to do a UV Gel extension.  Gel polish can then be applied over top.  If you have some time to let your nails grow naturally, then gel polish is a way to keep them strong and chip free as you grow your nails.

Tip #4 – Never let someone with a drill close to your Gel!       

This is probably one of THE MOST important things to remember when you have any type of Gel polish on your nails.  A drill is not required to remove the gel or for any other reason in caring for, applying or removing your polish.

Tip #5 – Removing your gel polish properly    

To properly remove…as noted in tip #4 above, DO NOT remove your Gel polish with a drill and DO NOT use a nail file to completely remove the polish either, this will damage your nail bed (some filing is required in the process but should not be the only process used to remove the gel).  The correct process for removing the Gel polish is to soak the nail bed with acetone for 10-20 minutes.  It is best to soak a cotton ball in acetone then apply the cotton ball directly on your nail bed and cover with tin foil.  If your nail technician asks you to soak your entire finger in acetone, you should get up and leave the salon immediately!!  The acetone should be minimized to the nail bed only, not the entire finger-tip.

The use of Gel polish is increasingly popular by many nail care enthusiasts looking for a more natural appearance for their nails and wishing to have longer lasting results with less frequent visits to the salon.

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Pedicures 101

At Cloud 9 Beautique we offer a luxurious pedicure service.  Clients often ask us “What is the difference?” between a pedicure at Cloud 9 and elsewhere?

The difference is pampering.  A Cloud 9 pedicure is a service that cleanses, exfoliates, and polishes toes for well-groomed “pretty feet.” It’s the perfect maintenance service; we also perform a short massage and hot towel wrap.

But there is more…Our pedicure is not only pampering, it’s therapeutic and healing.

Our feet are often the most neglected part of the body shouldering the burden of supporting us day in and day out!! A Cloud 9 pedicure incorporates technical work on toenails, working on ingrown nails, proper shaping and filing, and alleviating problems caused by high heels, pointed toes or work boots for those men who are brave enough to come for a visit. Significant time is spent on softening dry, cracked skin, and a more comprehensive massage including basic reflexology.

The Cloud 9 pedicure can also incorporates a paraffin treatment, and extra leg and foot salt and sugar scrubs for a small fee (just ask your Nail Expert or when you book). The Cloud 9 pedicure leaves feet beautiful and well-groomed, but can also help with such ailments as arthritisdiabetes, and aging.

Here is a short list of things that make your pedicure experience at Cloud 9 Beautique more enjoyable, sanitary and good for your overall health:

  • We only use stainless steal pedicure bowls which are thoroughly disinfected for your safety between each service; unlike many salons who continue to perform their services in built-in-sink pedicure chairs which are difficult to disinfect, our bowls allows for 100% guaranteed sanitation.
  • Our tools are also properly sanitized between each service and files and buffers are given to the client to take home for their personal use.  If you bring your files and buffers back for your next appointment we also provide a 10% discount!!
  •  We use quality pedicure products; we don’t refill our brand name bottles and jars with no-named, low-quality products to save a few dollars.  We believe in ensuring our clients are pampered with only the best quality products and we are proud of the products we use.  Starting in June 2015 we also make our own in-house foot and leg sugar scrub, free of any chemicals!!!
  • Our plush leather reclining chairs provide for a heavenly experience regardless of the type of pedicure you chose!
  • Our staff are ALWAYS happy to further enhance your service by offering any of our enhancement services such as a head, neck and shoulder massage or a hot stone massage for example.  For more information about our Heavenly Enhancements memberships which will help save you money each visit click here for details memberships

Taking care of your feet is essential to your health and well-being.  Check back soon for our next post on the importance of pedicures for people who suffer with diabetes!!

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It's Why We Do What We Do That Makes Us Different

When we first set out to launch Cloud Nine, we encountered with many a varying reaction. From caring friends who felt the need to warn us about the risks of a partnership, to those who were happy and full of congratulations to those who’s only response was “you do know there are, like, a million nail salons in Maple Ridge don’t you?!?!”.

Yes we knew how many there were, in fact, the fact that there were so many is what inspired us and gave us the undeniable belief that we would do “just fine thank you”! We signed our lease and got our keys on September 1. We were the proud new tenants of 1300 square feet of big, open, raw, unfinished space that needed to be converted to our visions of a clean, fashionable and inviting nail bar in only 55 days…oh ya, and on top of all that, we needed to find staff, buy everything from curtains to the kitchen sink, implement systems, build websites, engage people on Facebook and still find time to sleep, eat, clean our homes and spend time with our families. Despite all that, we slept at night because we were so incredibly grounded in our WHY for starting our business that we knew it would all work out.

So what are we talking about? Well, what we do is quite similar to the other nail salons in our area (of which there are at least 5 in a 500m radius). We offer manicures and pedicures and nail enhancement services, so do they. How we do our services is probably pretty similar too. It’s the WHY that sets us apart.

The opening line of our business plan is

People are the cornerstone to our success!

Plain and simple our WHY is all about people. Giving our staff a great place to work and embedding in our culture a standard of caring, empathy, compassion and respect. We feel, as business owners that it is our duty, one of our why’s of being in business to support the people who honour us by choosing to bring their talents and their efforts to Cloud Nine each day! Without these amazing ladies on our team our doors wouldn’t be open.

Second is making a place for clients to have their nails taken care of that is clean, sanitary, comfortable and inviting. An environment that doesn’t assault your senses the moment you walk in with the smells most often associated with cheap, dirty, production line style salons most women have come to expect and sadly accept. A place void of gossip and catty employees, where you are made to feel welcome with a cup of tea or coffee, nice music, staff who speak to you and amongst themselves in your native language and is void of trashy magazines and year-old dust bunnies in the corners. Oh and did we mention a massage and hot towel with even a basic service?

Third, we also connect our WHY to creating strong ties in our community. With so much to offer and the ability to reach a wide range of people through our website or social media pages we are not afraid to ask our clients to be part of helping us help others. Through collaboration with other businesses in our community we are helping create roots and embed our need to be more, do more and expect more. We are proud to already have sponsored so many amazing causes her locally and thank our fabulous clients who have helped in our efforts.

Our last why is simple, because we feel fulfilled by reaching our goals, taking on new challenges and having an opportunity to always be learning. Our staff invest in always learning new skills.  Natasha our receptionist who many of you have come to love is enrolled in night school and learning accounting as she takes on her next challenge in her role at becoming the in-house bookkeeper.  Alicia spent many many hours in 2014 becoming a dermalogica Skin Expert.  Chantal, the owner, is learning to use her background in accounting and coaching in an environment that is completely new to her. Our staff are divided on three leadership teams; Quality Assurance, Trends and Customer Experience.  These leadership teams represent an opportunity to learn and grow!  These challenges keep us inspired and engaged and connected to our WHY.

We are still a young business and each day brings news challenges; from plugged toilets to publishing our hours wrong on our website. It’s exciting to be part of a team, a community of people that allow us to love our why every single day. It’s because of this that we weren’t scared to open our doors with so much “competition” right at our doorstep and why we’re not upset when a client has the unfortunate job of giving us less than favourable feedback. We want to say a huge thank you to the staff and clients that are part of our why and extend a big welcome to those of you we haven’t yet met!!

It’s not what we do or how we do it, it’s why we do it that sets us apart and ensures our success